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's friday morning. that's the gazza strip. israel says it was cease-fire on gazza by a visit to egypt's prime minister to the region on the condition that militants do the same. israel has been moving closer towards a ground i evaluation towards the hamas-controlled gazza trip. they have mobilized tens of thousands of troops while it continued aerial attacks and for the first time palestinian militants ladies and gentlemen rockets in tel aviv. one hitting the city and the other hitting the outskirts. it has killed 19 palestinians and three israelis. but millions are watching the battleground online. both sides using the internet to fight a separate war aimed at public influence. for the latest, gene has more on the social media warfare, jeanne? >> jessica, we're seeing a lot of anger here in san francisco on the street and anger online as israel and hamas launch a war of words. an escalation of violence between israel and hamas in gazza brings protesters into the streets in san francisco. it's anger we've seen before but there's a new element triggering tempers around the world. a war
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1